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Special Events: Birthday Parties

Unleash the Ultimate Birthday Party Adventure at That Escape Place!

Is there a better way to celebrate another trip around the sun than by exploring an exhilarating escape room adventure? At That Escape Place, we turn birthday parties into unforgettable quests filled with excitement, mystery, and laughter.

How to Plan Your Escape Birthday Extravaganza

1. Explore Our Escape Rooms:
Dive into the thrilling worlds of our escape rooms. Preview the challenges, themes, and difficulty levels to find the perfect match for your birthday group.

2. Contact Our Event Team:
Ready to plan your escape adventure? Get in touch with our event team to discuss package options, availability, and any special requests you may have.

3. Book Your Adventure:
Secure your spot by booking your escape room adventure online. Our user-friendly booking system ensures a hassle-free experience, so you can focus on the fun ahead.

Get Ready for a Birthday Celebration Like No Other!
At That Escape Place, we’re not just about escape rooms; we are also about creating memories that last a lifetime.

Book your birthday adventure with us and prepare for an epic celebration filled with puzzles, laughter, and the joy of conquering challenges together.

Highest-Rated Escape Rooms

in The Woodlands Area.

25% Discount That Escape Place


Monday - Thursday, if booked before 5pm

10% OFF if booked after 5pm

Use Code: WEEKDAY25 or WEEKDAY10

* Valid only during normal operating hours

* Valid only with a booking of 4 or more

* Not valid for corporate events or birthday