An escape room is a super fun, real life, adventure/puzzle game! You’re “locked’ in a room filled with puzzles, clues, hidden codes, locks and keys and everything else you’ll need to break out in under 60 minutes!

All of our experiences are private rooms and the cost is as follows before tax:
2, 3 or 4 players – $140

Each additional player –
$35/person 13 and older
$30/person 12 and younger

You can play this game together with your family members or colleagues from work, or play it as a corporate game and have fun with them for one hour. There are puzzles that appeal to a wide age range. We only use themes that are family friendly.

We love families! All of our activities are family friendly, with activities/challenges that appeal to a broad range of ages. There is no strict age limit for the game, however, children under 18 will need a liability waiver signed by a parent or guardian, who ideally should be participating in the activity with the child. Children 12 & under will need to be accompanied by a paying adult. Very young children will need some assistance from older players in the room. We would suggest The Terminal for younger groups, before trying The Gate.

All of the puzzles range in difficulty from simply searching for a key, all the way to mind-puzzling riddles that may take multiple people to solve. This way, everybody can have fun and can all contribute wherever they feel most comfortable. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A GENIUS. Everything you need to solve the puzzles is within the room, and no prior knowledge is necessary. Playing the room requires only an open mind, team work, and a desire to have fun! Please let us know if it is your first time and we can give you some extra tips and pointers before you begin. On the other hand, if you are a very experienced escape room player, let us know, so we can keep distracting suggestions to a minimum.

Yes! Although challenging, you are able to book two people for an escape, however, as they are private rooms, we do require a minimum of four tickets to be purchased for any of our rooms. In other words, it’s the same price for two or three people to play.

Each room is designed to be solved using only what you find in the room, so you won’t need any special equipment or fancy tools. Just come with an eagerness to play and be ready to have some fun! No lock-picks, saws, or explosives, please!

Absolutely! We’d love to host a private event for you during our normal hours or we can absolutely open up and have a special event any day throughout the week for you as well. Just call us at 832-241-8898 and we’d love to work something out with you.

No, you will only be with the group you came with, all of our bookings are private.

You will have the opportunity to test your concentration, observation, problem-solving and decision-making skills, and you will have a ton of fun!

This depends very much on the players, but both experienced and new players will find challenges in our rooms. We don’t assume any experience with other escape rooms to understand our puzzles. That does not mean it is an easy room by any means. Experienced players will find it quite challenging. It is about observation and paying close attention to detail.

Parking is free in our lot. Pick any available space near our door!

All of our rooms allow you up to 60 minutes to escape.  In planning your visit, we would suggest you allow 1 and 1/2 hrs to be safe with any other plans you may have.  We suggest you arrive about 15-20 minutes early to sign in and practice some sample puzzles we have in the lobby, allow yourselves about 60 minutes in the room and then about 10 minutes at the end for a team debrief, answering any questions and time to take your complimentary team photos.