Mafia Warehouse


A mafia boss has gotten cold feet and called our agency for help. It seems the gang has gotten involved in something that even he thinks is going too far.  It was only a rushed partial message we received, as he couldn’t risk being caught by his gang tipping off the feds, but he said “it is urgent that you find the ‘wine bottle’,” and he said more information for us is hidden at his warehouse…

Can you complete the mission?

Please note: This activity requires a minimum of 4 people. Until the first 4 book, the activity will not be available for groups smaller than 4.

PARENTAL GUIDANCE: This is a spy themed room.  Some precaution for younger players, please make sure families are ok with the presence of prop items shown in the picture: guns, wine, cigars, cards.   Additionally some portions of the room are low light.  If you have any questions, please call us to discuss.

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Medium to Hard


60 mins


4-10 participants