The Terminal


You don’t have long!

As secret agents, you receive word that a subway worker has gone rogue and put all of the New York City subway trains on a COLLISION COURSE! You and your team must enter the terminal and follow the clues left by our former agent before he was caught, so you can stop the trains and save the city!… You ONLY have 60 minutes to save everyone before the trains CRASH!




60 Minutes

Group Size

3-8 Participants

Far more excitement for your money than a movie, drinks and popcorn!

Groups of 3-10

Adult $35
Children (12 years and under) $30

Military & First Responders

Please call us on 832-241-8898

Large Groups

For groups more than 11 players
Please call us on 832-241-8898​

Ready to take on the challenge?

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