Corporate Team Building

Give your team an activity they will remember and actually enjoy!

No one can solo our Escape Rooms, it requires TEAMWORK.  Help your team see how valuable each member is!  They will have so much fun!

We are close to several great restaurants, we can work around your schedule.

We also offer game customization starting at $100 that can include some relevant clues/puzzles for your company as well as some special hidden objects.  Please call to arrange as this requires advanced notice and planning, but we are glad to customize to your needs.

Analyse Strengths

Who is best at what tasks?

Whether it’s note taking, team leading, encouraging others, identifying puzzles, problem solving or visual understanding. In addition everyone can contribute in an escape room. Identifying early on what their strengths are can significantly alter the success rates.

Encourage Team Work

Let individual talents shine!

Our Escape Rooms are designed in a way that discourages single thought processes. Often players will start a process, and require team mates to help refine and execute the final result. Similarly finding the balance between communicating and listening will be a skill to encourage.

Build Relationships

Often in a workplace people are good at discussing what they have in common, sometimes its just the job that is the mutual connection. In other words, participating in escape rooms brings a fun atmosphere and is great at getting to know each other. In conclusion individuals have different life experiences that will lead them to be faster or slower at solving puzzles than one another. This is a great conversation starter.



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