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Special Events: Students & Churches

The Ultimate Escape for STUDENT GROUPS at That Escape Place!

Break Free from Boredom: Where Learning Meets Fun!

At That Escape Place, we believe in turning education into an adventure! Calling all student groups: embark on a thrilling journey of problem-solving and teamwork with our specially crafted escape rooms designed to engage, entertain, and inspire.

What Sets That Escape Place Apart for Student Groups?

Learning Through Play:
Our escape rooms seamlessly integrate learning with play. Watch as students apply knowledge to solve real-world puzzles, and engaging environments.

Convenient Location:
Located in Conroe, TX, our venue provides a convenient and accessible location for school and college groups.

Safe and Supervised Environment:
Rest easy knowing that our escape rooms are designed with safety in mind. Our experienced game masters ensure a controlled and supervised environment for students to enjoy their escape experience.

Amazing Adventures for CHURCH GROUPS at That Escape Place!

Bonding Beyond the Pews: Where Faith Meets Fun!

At That Escape Place, we invite church groups to break away from the ordinary and embark on a divine adventure filled with teamwork, laughter, and the joy of shared experiences. Strengthen the bonds of fellowship in a unique setting that fosters collaboration and communication.

At That Escape Place, we believe in the power of fellowship and shared experiences. Bring your church group for an amazing adventure that will strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. Book your escape room today!

Highest-Rated Escape Rooms

in The Woodlands Area.

25% Discount That Escape Place


Monday - Thursday, if booked before 5pm

10% OFF if booked after 5pm

Use Code: WEEKDAY25 or WEEKDAY10

* Valid only during normal operating hours

* Valid only with a booking of 4 or more

* Not valid for corporate events or birthday