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Save The World

Destroy The Curse

A team of archaeologists discover an ancient Egyptian tomb, but along with it… They also discovered a deadly CURSE… And it wasn’t long before the curse overtook them… So, quickly, the government builds a “gate” around the tomb to keep the curse at bay… Now, they need you and your new team of archaeologists to enter the tomb with a weapon they made, to destroy the curse…

Only one problem, the former team was the only crew to make it into the tomb, so you and your team must decipher and use their tools that were left behind, to enter the tomb and destroy the curse for good! But hurry… The curse is getting stronger and you only have 60 minutes until the it overtakes the gate… And you!

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The Gate

4 to 10 players

9/10 difficulty

60 minutes

My son booked this event for his sisters 13th Birthday, we all had a fabulous time and made a memory working together!!!

Alexander B.

Houston, TX

Had a great time! The escape room was the best I’ve done. Hard enough to be challenging but not so ridiculously hard and obscure to ruin having fun.

LK Holland

Magnolia, TX

Highly recommend! That Escape Place is a great place to spend time with friends. It was challenging but not so hard that we all couldn’t complete. Also the staff very courteous and friendly!

Karin M

Conroe, TX
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