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VR Escape Rooms

Are you seeking even more thrills? In our VR escape rooms you can attempt things not possible in a physical escape room. Our VR Escape Games are designed to avoid motion sickness. Your feet will always touch the floor, you are 100% safe, but your brain might think otherwise. Our experiences can be challenging for people with strong fear of heights!

Escape the Lost Pyramid

An expedition led by Sir Beldon Frye disappears somewhere in the Sinai Peninsula. A team of four was looking for the Lost Pyramid of Nebka. They were never seen again. Using a simulation, your team will put themselves in the shoes of the explorers. Find out what happened to the expedition and locate what they were looking for… 60 min – Difficulty 6/10

Beyond Medusa's Gate

Greece 445 B.C. in an age of eloquent philosophers, merciless gods, and death-promising oracles. Somewhere on the Peloponnese peninsula, an old artefact has been hidden. It could be the legendary ship of the Argonauts. Using the Animus simulation program, we will send you back to Greece. Find the ship, if it exists… 60 min – Difficulty 8/10

The Dagger of Time

The Dagger of Time takes place in the setting of the Prince of Persia Trilogy. Players are summoned to the Fortress of Time by Kaileena to stop an evil Magi. Kaileena restores and gives the Dagger of Time to the players so they can reach the Hourglass Chamber and use it to stop the Magic. 60 min – Difficulty 10/10


Coming Soon! – Christmas is under threat! Santa has got caught in a blizzard, he has lost all the presents and cannot find his way home. Only you can save Christmas. To help Santa find his house, you need to light the lights on the biggest Christmas tree in the forest. Hurry up to revive the first Christmas tree along with Santa’s best reindeer! 60 min – Difficulty 4/10

My son booked this event for his sisters 13th Birthday, we all had a fabulous time and made a memory working together!!!

Alexander B.

Houston, TX

Had a great time! The escape room was the best I’ve done. Hard enough to be challenging but not so ridiculously hard and obscure to ruin having fun.

LK Holland

Magnolia, TX

Highly recommend! That Escape Place is a great place to spend time with friends. It was challenging but not so hard that we all couldn’t complete. Also the staff very courteous and friendly!

Karin M

Conroe, TX
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Monday - Thursday, if booked before 5pm

10% OFF if booked after 5pm

Use Code: WEEKDAY25 or WEEKDAY10

* Valid only during normal operating hours

* Valid only with a booking of 4 or more

* Not valid for corporate events or birthday